• School Fee and Uniform Policy

    Academic Year (2016-2017)

    Little Village Kindergarten’s School Fee and Uniform Policy is published to provide comprehensive guidelines for existing and new parents.

    1) Fee Structure
    Examination Fee: (one-time payment- Non-refundable) 200/-
    Registration Fee: (one-time payment – Non- refundable) 500/-
    Seat Reservation Fee:* (refer to the Seat Reservation rules) 1,000/-
    School Tuition Fees* (refer to the School Tuition Fees rules)
    Full Academic Year (3 terms/year) 15,000/-
    Per Term 5,000/-
    Book Loan Fee* (refer to the Book Loan Rules) 1,000/-
    School Uniform* (refer to the School Uniform Rules) 500/-
    2) Seat Reservation Fee Rules
    • Upon acceptance, Seat Reservation Fee must be paid and will be deducted from 2nd  term’s Tuition fee if the student has attended the first term of school
    • The reservation fee will not be refunded if a student is accepted but does not attend the school later on or chooses to leave.
    • Continuing students will be asked to pay a Seat Reservation Fee in Term 3 of each year to be able to continue with us for the next academic year which is deductible from the next academic year’s first term school tuition fee.
    3) School Tuition Fees Rules
    • School Tuition fees are to be paid in three equal instalments before the beginning of each term.
    • The payments can be via cash or card.
    • School Tuition fees are non – refundable. No recalculation or refund will be given if parents decide to remove the student from our school or in case of relocation.  No refunds or discounts apply for long illnesses and/or long absences from the school.
    • School tuition fees must be paid in full 10 days before the beginning of each term.
    • Once the student is registered and enrolled in the school, the first term tuition fees must be fully paid even if the student doesn’t attend classes later on, or decides not to continue in our school.
    • In the case of admission in the first half of a term, a full term’s fees will be charged.
    • In the case of admission in the second half of a term, half the term’s fees will be charged.
    • Parents will be informed of late dues by the accounts so if the payment of school tuition fees and late payment fees are still not done  after two weeks of notice , the school will have the right to withdraw the student’s place. In this case the parents will be given a 15 days’ written notice.
    • School fees are subject to review on a yearly basis. The school will notify all the parents of any change one term in advance.
    4) Book Loan Fee per Academic Year
    • At Little Village Kindergarten we encourage our students to look after the text books issued for them to use. The text books are lent not purchased therefore they should remain in good condition for future use. Practice books and notebooks will be issued for students for writing which will be taken home by the students at the end of each term.
    • If parents wish to have a copy of the text books, they are welcomed to place an order with the accountant. The order will be approved if stock is available.
    5) School Uniform
    • At Little Village Kindergarten we believe in providing all our students with the best learning experience and having them all dressed in our school’s uniform will surely help them develop a sense of equality and pride.
    • Parents are encouraged to make sure their sons/daughters are in proper uniform every day as daily uniform checkup will be conducted by the social worker and the class teachers.  Students arriving without the proper school uniform will not be allowed to attend the classes.
    • Parents are requested to take care of the students’ personal hygiene and make sure that their nails are short and clean.

    The school uniform is as follows:

  • Weekdays Uniform – Boys
    • Grey Trousers
    • Green Polo T-Shirt with School logo embroidered on the left side
    • White socks
    • Black formal shoes
    • Grey/black plain school cardigan (winter uniform)
    • Short hair (hair cut should be appropriate for school
  • Weekdays Uniform – Girls
    • Grey skirt or Grey trousers
    • Green Polo T-Shirt with School logo embroidered on the left side
    • White socks
    • Black formal shoes
    • Grey/black plain school cardigan (winter uniform)
    • Long hair must be tied up, No jewelry-except for a small stud earing
  • Physical Education/Sports Uniform – Boys & Girls
    • Round neck T-Shirt Red colour with logo on the left side
    • Grey Jogging Pants or Grey Sports Trouser
    • White socks
    • Black formal sports shoes/ Joggers