Admissions Policy

Little Village Kindergarten
  • Admissions Policy

    Little Village Kindergarten is an British school with an Islamic perspective and we aim to provide each child with the best possible standard of education.  As far as possible, an open admission policy is followed, allowing for any child to be enrolled in the school (provided he meets the requirements set by the school) without any discrimination as the school is committed to serving the local community.

    The admission to Little Village Kindergarten is determined by the Principal with regards to the following areas:

    • The applicant’s potential to benefit from the educational services offered by the school
    • The school’s potential to meet the educational needs of the applicant
    I) Announcement of Registration:

    The school has to announce to the Public about registration dates and requirements through the press and media (school’s website and circulars as well).

    II) Implementation of the admission process:

    1. Eligibility for admission
    Admission to Little Village Kindergarten is offered based on the following order of categories:

    1. Little Village Kindergarten’ Staff Children
    2. Enrolled students of Little Village Kindergarten
    3. Siblings of students currently attending Little Village Kindergarten
    4. Other students (without any discrimination)

    Applications for admission will be considered, as places become available, based on:

    • Order of priority (according to the above list)
    • Date of application
    • The results of entrance tests
    • Behaviour Reports from previous school/s (if applicable)
    • Interview

    2. Application Process

    1. Parents/guardians complete and sign the application form (available from school website or at the school office). Application Fee must be paid (non-refundable).
    2. Parents must provide all the required documents (mentioned in “Required Documents section” ) before the application is considered.
    3. Where there are spaces available, students will sit an Entrance Test.
    4. The Entrance Tests are reviewed by the Principal to judge the level of the prospective student and the applicant is accepted only if he passes the Entrance tests and meets other requirements set by the school.
    5. All applicants and their parents will be interviewed by the Principal prior to acceptance as part of the enrollment process
    6. After all the admissions procedures have been followed, the application will be considered and the parent will be informed of the decision as soon as possible.
    7. Upon acceptance, an offer will be made. Parents will have 5 working days to accept the offer. Once accepted, Registration Fee (non-refundable) and Deposit (refundable*) must be paid in full.
    8. School’s Fee policy must be read and signed by the Parents /guardians.
    9. Applicants who meet all admission criteria are admitted for the appropriate year group based on age and class size permitting. Factors, such as previous records, measured aptitude and achievement, physical and emotional development and other relevant details are also considered and the final decision rests with the Principal.
    10. A six-week trial period in the class to which the student is assigned, is mandatory.

    3. Entrance Age
    A child may be accepted into a class if he is of age before the 30th of August. The following table shows age equivalency to each grade level:

      Minimum Age Maximum Age Class
    On or before 1st of September 3 years old 4 years 11 months and 29 days KG1
    On or before 1st of September 4 years old 5 years 11 months and 29 days KG2

    4. Required Documents
    New applicants and Re-admitted students are required to provide the following documents:

    1. Application Form: Completed and signed (available at the school’s office or downloaded from the school’s website).
    2. Student’s passport, Qatari ID and RP: Original plus one copy
    3. Father’s Qatari ID and RP: Original plus one copy
    4. Mother’s Qatari ID and RP: Original plus one copy
    5. Student’s Birth Certificate: Original plus one copy
    6. 4 recent photographs of the applicant (passport sized)
    7. Immunization Card of the applicant (vaccination card): Original plus one copy
    8. Behaviour report from the last two schools attended (if applicable)
    9. Academic reports from the applicant’s previous school(s) attended( if applicable)

    Little Village Kindergarten reserves the right to contact the applicant’s previous school prior to acceptance.

    III) Withdrawal

    In case a student is withdrawn during the term, the full term’s fee must be paid and no refunds will be given.

    IV) Absence

    If a student does not attend the school during the first three weeks after the first official day of the school year, and parents have not informed the school in written that there will be a delay in attendance, the school will have the right to cancel the registration. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the school of any late attendance after the first day of each term.

    V) Denying/ postponing an admission

    Little Village Kindergarten reserves the right to deny admission or re-enrollment to any applicant if there were reasons to believe that admission or re-enrollment would not be in the best interest of the applicant and/or the school.

    Little Village Kindergarten also reserves the right to postpone admission if a class is full (reaches its allowed capacity). In this case, the applicant(s) is placed on a waiting list. The qualified applicants (who pass the entrance tests and meet all requirements) are then accepted in order of date of application, subject to the above priorities and to the school’s capacity.